Pre-Primary is a paradise itself with Little Angels moving about the place so peacefully yet aware it’s a home for Exploring, Experiencing and Experimenting. Learning is a joyful and fruitful experience for our little children.

Pre-Primary School provides a caring, stimulating environment where each child is given time and opportunity to develop his/her physical, intellectual and emotional skills. Our well trained teachers deliver the curriculum in ways that foster a child’s uniqueness and individuality as they work towards common goals. Children are encouraged to become independent learners and to discover learning is fun through structured and spontaneous activities projected and taught on Interactive Digital Boards.

The Smart Start Programme specially designed for our children has been introduced to keep our young ones in time with the global world. Literacy and numeracy skills, role play and imaginative opportunities ,large and fine motor skills and experiences, indoor and outdoor activities, exploring and investigating science and nature, dance, music and sensory experiences are all inculcated in the Smart Start Curriculum.

Children benefit from a well designed, well organized and integrated indoor and outdoor environment. We are constantly upgrading our outdoor play equipments together with our indoor infrastructure.

Facilities at Pre-Primary
  • We have large sand pit, splash pool and a large playground.
  • Class rooms are bright, colorful and are complimented by theme based wall paintings.
  •  The school has also provided an Activity Room and a Resource Room with audio visual facilities, doll house, workstation, mini Library and Toy Corner and interactive touch screen to enhance the child’s joy and interest in learning.

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