Principal's Message

Education is the formal process by which society deliberately transmits its accumulated knowledge, skills, customs and values from one generation to another. It is a systematic, deliberate and planned effort of the development of human potential to the maximum, the harmonious fruition of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual possibilities inherent in the human being, developing him/her into an integrated personality functioning as a responsible citizen of the world.
            We believe that every child has unlimited potential. Every child is gifted, bright, inquisitive and unique. We try to create an emotional climate that nourishes self-esteem and positive self-concept. The authentic education addresses the “whole child”, “the whole person”. Students of Apex International School learn through specially designed curriculum which is interdisciplinary, integrated, project based and utilizes the surviving skills like critical thinking and problem solving, agility and adaptability, initiative and entrepreneurial-ism, curiosity and imagination. Our primary aim at AIS is to empower students and prepare them to deal with complexity, diversity and change. Our educators come up with innovative methodologies to help students to develop self confidence, harness their latent potential and channelize their energies towards cultivation and sharpening of multiple dimensions of human competencies.
           Some of the most critical goals of education are to produce citizens able to reflect deeply on critical issues, having the skills to deal effectively with the many demands of a rapidly changing world, retaining their curiosity, excitement about learning, and hunger of knowledge. Students need different skills to succeed in the 21st century. Jobs, skills, scientific ideas and technology are all in a state of flux. It is important to remain open-minded about new skills and the best way to do that is to retain the state of receptivity and cognitive flexibility. We aim to develop 'Competent Student', 'Information Literate Person', possessing 'IT Skills' and 'Information Handling Skills’.
          Education is the process of manifesting the inner divine potentialities of child. The purpose of education is to draw out the best, sublimest and noblest, of the latent faculties in child. Value oriented education is the need of the hour. Our emphasis in the school is on character building. All the Herculean effort in the school is directed towards bringing out enlightened and inspired individuals- virtuous and moral, good-natured and God-fearing, developing positive attitude, cultivating personal, social and universal values, leading to solace and peace, environmental consciousness and ecological harmony. We would like to see every student good as well as smart.

  Ms. Anku Mangwana

Principal, Apex International School

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