Playing outside is not just about letting off steam. It is a vital part of childhood that helps children develop physical strength, coordination and balance. To support these broad learning outcomes the school has synthetic Basket Ball and Badminton courts, Skating Rink, cricket pitch, indoor pool and sports room, which give the sites an opportunity to play all kinds of games. Regular coaching helps them to become perfect in the games they opt for.

Annual Function “Navras – 2019”

Apex International School, Jaipur celebrated its Annual Function “Navras – 2019” . The Navras, Nine emotions of human life like happiness, joy, sorrow, love, pain, ecstasy, wonder, compassion etc. were depicted through dances and dramas.

The Navras 2019 programme began with the cosmic dance Shiv Tandav followed by five elements of nature and by everybody taking a pledge to preserve our elements of nature for posterity. This was followed by a rocking performance by little Apexians.

Hasya Ras

Life without comedy is just like a body without a soul, a sky without stars and moon and a heart without love.

To laugh we should not wait for time and incident. Don’t let go a single moment without laughter as it keeps your mind and body healthy. If a person is happy himself he can only make other’s laugh.

Karun Ras

Karun ras emerges out of anguish, despair and grief. A child crying out of hunger, bereavement between husband and wife, a person suffering from severe disease, farewell of a daughter after her marriage all these comprise of karunras.

Bhayanak Ras

The gesture of bhayanakras is fear. It is the only origin of all emotional strains. Fear is an underived experience, which appears at prognosis of peril. When fear excels the body feels suffocation and the face become pale, Humanloose their senses and everything seems meaningless and vain.

Shant Ras

Shantras prevails in the origin of nature. It is a ras configured by lord brahma that symbolizes peace. Saints practice yoga over the years to gain this ras. To achieve this mind, body and soul should be controlled and stable. It is the advance sentience that makes you learn to control your denies.

Raudra Ras

Generally rudraras has a negative element because it not only poisons mind of a person but also turns entire environment poisoner.


It’s the shringar ras, that replenishes every life with love, it is also defined as the king of all ras. It symbolizes love, art and beauty, although in a layman’s language it is related to decoration items but in depth it signifies sensitivity of love and affection between the relationships.

Music is the greatest communication in the world. It gives wings to our mind. Audience were spellbound by the musical performance given by the students of Apex International School

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